Pipe Bursting

Discover the Possibilities with Pipe Bursting from Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining

When a sewer pipe is severely damaged, you may assume excavation is the only option for your home or business. However, there is another option available from Missouri Trenchless Pipe - Lining. We may recommend pipe bursting as the most effective solution for your specific situation. Here's what you need to know about it.

Understanding Pipe Bursting

Professional pipe bursting is essentially the final solution when addressing issues involving a severely damaged sewer pipe. This is a consideration when most trenchless repair methods are impractical. In nutshell, it's a process that involves breaking up an existing, damaged pipe and pushing it down into the ground so a new pipe can be inserted in the same space.

Signs and Issues That Require Pipe Bursting

The only way to know for sure if pipe bursting is the right solution for your needs is to have our technicians conduct a proper inspection. However, there are some other signs and issues that tend to require pipe bursting as a solution. These include:

  • Having older pipes likely to be significantly damaged
  • Seeing soggy spots on your lawn and/or damage to your foundation
  • Having pipes that have collapsed due to a tree root invasion
  • Experiencing frequent clogs and backups due to widespread sewer line damage

How We Perform Pipe Bursting

The first step we take with pipe bursting is to inspect the affected pipe. If the damage is deemed to be too severe for pipe lining or coating, pipe bursting is what we typically recommend. To begin the process, a high-grade bursting head appropriately sized for the affected pipe is fed through an entry hole. With the help of a pull rod or hydraulic power, the bursting head, which is fixed to a replacement line, breaks up the old pipe and pushes it downward. The replacement pipe is seamlessly inserted or fed into the existing cavity by our trained technicians. You are then left with a new, properly functioning pipe.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a simple and efficient way to replace a severely damaged sewer line, especially if you want to avoid traditional excavation. This means you won't have to worry about landscape repair costs when the work is done. Other appealing perks associated with pipe bursting include being more affordable since it's less labor-intensive, reduced trench settlement, and a shorter period to complete.

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We're a locally-based company that strives to build lasting relationships with the residential and commercial clients we routinely serve. With pipe bursting, you can expect our experienced team to arrive promptly, give you an accurate estimate, and remain on-site until you are satisfied with the results.

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