Sewer/Drain Point Repairs

Cost-Effective Sewer/Drain Point Repairs in Central Missouri

Sewer and drain pipes can be affected by longitudinal cracks, offset joints, and other issues. If the damage is limited to one area, this type of damage may be corrected with sewer or drain point repairs. Here's a closer look at what you can expect from Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining if this approach to repair is appropriate for your situation.

When is Sewer/Drain Point Repair Advisable?

A leak in a sewer or drain pipe sometimes originates from a small crack. This is when point repair can be a sensible solution. In addition, if only a small area or section is affected, we may recommend point repair as an option. However, if the results from our sewer camera inspection show significant structural damage, trenchless pipe lining or pipe bursting may be better options.

How Does Sewer/Drain Point Repair Work?

Also referred to as sectional point repair, point repair is similar to trenchless pipe lining. However, instead of using a full-length liner, a patch is inserted into the affected pipe. This is applied with an inflatable bladder or carrier that holds the resin material in place until it hardens or cures. The time it takes to perform a point repair is minimal – usually less than a day. This process typically involves having access to the affected pipe on both ends, cleaning the pipe prior to applying the resin material, and using a camera to view the work to ensure proper application.

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Sewer/Drain Point Repair?

Point repair can be beneficial since it's an efficient way to restore normal flow to a sewer or drain pipe. It's also a budget-friendly option often appreciated by homeowners or business owners in all the areas we serve. Additional benefits and advantages associated with sewer/drain point repair our customers often appreciate include minimizing the need for urgent repairs, extending the life of a pipe that's in generally good shape, and preventing issues from leak-related damage that can occur from slow, steady leaks.

Why Choose Us for Sewer/Drain Point Repair

Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining is your top choice for innovative and cost-effective sewer and drain solutions. We take pride in giving our residential and commercial clients with great options that are effective and affordable – but not needlessly disruptive. One of these options is point repair. You'll also appreciate our honest, reasonable rates, prompt arrivals for scheduled appointments, and attention to detail on every job with our name attached to it.

Find Out If Point Repairs Are Right for Your Situation

Let us help you decide if you may benefit from point repairs by contacting Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining. We'll perform a non-invasive inspection with a specially designed sewer camera to determine if point repair is a practical option worth considering. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our experts. You may also schedule an appointment by filling out the online form. We look forward to working with you.

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