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Reliable Results with No-Dig Pipe Lining


If you're like most homeowners in Central Missouri, it's safe to assume sewer or drain pipe repair isn't something you are too familiar or too interested in having. The good news is Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining offers convenient, no-dig solutions that can save you time and money. One of these options is pipe lining.

This is a "no-dig" trenchless process that involves the use of pipe tubing and an epoxy coating. Once the coating is cured into place, you'll be left with a like-new pipe fully restored from the inside. It's a process that includes:

  • An initial camera inspection
  • Removing debris and blockages from the affected pipe
  • Inserting tubing that fits within the existing pipe
  • Removing the tubing once the coating has properly cured

We Address a Host of Issues

For pipe lining to be effective, the affected pipe must still be structurally sound. This is why a visual inspection is the first step we always take. As for issues that can be reason enough to consider pipe lining in Central Missouri, the most common ones include cracks not affecting the pipe's structural integrity, impaired flow from debris that gets in through cracks, and even slow or clogged drains due to invasive tree root damage.

It's possible to have a pipe leak without immediately being aware of it. This is why signs you may need pipe lining usually involve slow or clogged drains. You may also notice higher-than-usual utility bills. Lower water quality, gurgling toilet noises, odd odors, and sludge in your bathtub are among other signs suggesting you may benefit from pipe lining in the following areas:

  • Washington, MO
  • Gerald, MO
  • Union, MO
  • Pacific, MO
  • St. Albans, MO
  • Villa Ridge, MO
  • Gray Summit, MO
  • Marthasville, MO
  • Beaufort, MO
  • Leslie, MO
  • New Haven, MO
  • Robertsville, MO
  • Sullivan, MO
  • St. Clair, MO
  • Aspenhoff, MO
  • Innsbrook, MO
  • Labadie, MO
  • Augusta, MO
  • Owensville, MO
  • Dutzow, MO

Benefits/Advantages of Pipe Lining

For many property owners in Central Missouri, the most appealing advantage of pipe lining is avoiding excavation. This means there''s no need to worry about extra costs for landscape or sidewalk repair. 

In addition, there's no risk of damaging underground utilities or needing to interrupt traffic near your property. What's more, pipe lining is less labor-intensive, which means it can be done quickly and affordably. You will also be rewarded with fully restored pipes.

Why Choose Us for Pipe Lining

Minimally invasive pipe lining is what we do best at Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining. We consistently strive to bring our clients access to innovative, mess-free solutions. We offer a wide range of trenchless services that include pipe lining, pipe bursting, and pipe coating. We also conduct point repairs. Become one of our clients and you can also expect honest, reasonable rates and top-notch service from start to finish.

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Let our team ensure your peace of mind and find out if pipe lining is right for your situation. We'll give you an honest assessment of your pipes, discuss your options, and provide an accurate, pre-work estimate for your consideration. Give us a call today or fill out the online form to find out more about pipe lining and other services we offer here at Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining.


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