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Do you prefer a safe, fast, and eco-friendly approach to pipe repair? If so, then we are sure that you will appreciate pipe coating. We recommend this cost-effective trenchless repair method here at Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining. Take a moment to learn more about this trenchless solution and why it can be beneficial.

Pipe coating is a pipe repair process that involves applying a specialized epoxy resin to a damaged area of the pipe. Once the material hardens or cures, the pipe will be restored and be fully functional once more. Depending on the circumstances involved, pipe coatings can be applied internally or externally. The internal coating usually involves the use of a liner to apply the coating material. For a fraction of the average cost of pipe replacement, pipe coating can produce similar results.

Issues That We Address with Pipe Coating

The first step we take is to inspect the affected pipe with a specially designed camera attached to a flexible road. This is done to locate and view the damaged area and determine if pipe coating is the most appropriate option. Coatings tend to work best when the affected area is fairly contained and the pipe still has its structural integrity.

Pipe-related issues often addressed effectively with pipe coating include:

  • Cracks/fractures within a fairly limited area
  • Damage from offset or cracked joints
  • Tree root invasion damage that hasn't affected the overall integrity of the pipe
  • Cracks discovered after the removal of internal sediment or buildup

Our technicians will apply the coating material in a way that's appropriate for the affected pipe. Once the coating cures, your pipe will be able to function normally again.

Top Advantages of Pipe Coating

With pipe coating, we ensure an affordable way to fix leaking pipes in Gerald, MO, and nearby areas without traditional excavation. It also saves time since it's a process that's less labor-intensive. You also won't have to worry about significant cleaning, disposal, and landscape restoration expenses when the work is done. Pipe coating also saves you money by reducing your odds of having unexpected repairs to deal with once the coating is properly applied.

Missouri Trenchless Pipe-Lining is a local company with a proven commitment to complete client satisfaction. With each job we undertake, whether it involves pipe coating or other trenchless methods we offer, our goal is to meet and exceed expectations. We do this with fair, upfront pricing and careful attention to every detail, from initial inspection through completion.

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